There’s a humming wind on the east coast of Aruba; a solitary kite surfer floats above the surface of the water and as the jeep pulls up onto to the sand you look around and he’s the only other person you see for miles. 

Boca Grandi is the kind of exotic, less-traveled beach we all fantasize about — and this unsung Aruba beach is the latest to make the top of our list of Beaches to Dream About. 

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We’re all dreaming of those perfect beach days, with the colors of waves and umbrellas and rum punches, of beach shacks and music and loud smiles.  

The latest Caribbean Moment takes you right to one of those days — to another time in the gorgeous Mullet Bay in St Maarten. 

Set just around the corner from St Maarten’s popular Maho neighborhood, Mullet is a lovely stretch of soft sand and one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. 

It’s a lovely little crescent with the kind of sparkling turquoise and white sand that St Maarten is famous for. 

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The adults-only all-inclusive brand Couples Resorts has launched a new playlist focused on the romantic sounds of Jamaica. 

It’s called “Tunes for Two from Couples Resorts,” and it’s the latest musical launch by a Caribbean resort in a bid to connect with travelers stuck at home right now. 

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