Following the devastating effects from Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 that heavily damaged 30% of the islands in the Caribbean, there is a remarkable comeback underway. Many previously affected properties have now opened and a large slate of new developments and resorts are planned to launch in 2019 and 2020.  I spoke with several travel experts in the Caribbean and they are enthused about the increase in remodeled, refurbished and brand new resorts opening in the coming years.

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A candlelit dinner on the cliffs of Negril. A beachy afternoon in Uvero Alto. A secluded picnic on a deserted island.

The Caribbean teems with romantic vacations — but what if you could combine a magical retreat with your loved one without ever having to reach for your wallet?

The increasingly diverse collection of all-inclusive vacations in the Caribbean means everything from traditional megaresorts to charming little tucked-away boutiques — and that means a romantic all-inclusive vacations aren’t just possible — they’re easier to plan than you think, specially in the Caribbean.

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There’s always an analog. There’s always a place it reminds you of, a hotel just like one you’ve seen in another destination.

And then you come here — and you realize that there isn’t one.

It’s a bit of a journey to get to here — a nonstop flight to St Kitts, a drive along the rugged coastal road, a search for a sign and a trip up the foothills of a volcano.

But when you arrive here, it’s not just that the journey was worth it. It’s that the journey was to a different destination than you imagined.

This is Belle Mont Farm, and it’s a totally different hotel for the Caribbean.

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The Caribbean Tourism Organisation has dubbed 2019 The Year of Festivals and rightly so.

From Guyana to Cuba, the Caribbean is chock full of festivals spanning everything from food to diving.

For the music lovers especially, the first half of the year will be an exciting one with a number of music festivals planned for all sorts of tastes. While soca and reggae are the main sounds of the Caribbean, the beauty of the region provides the perfect backdrop for all genres of music to be celebrated.

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