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The Jewel of the Atlantic...

Imagine waking up to the beautiful sunrise, enjoying your breakfast on the terrace of your home in Bermuda, and getting ready to go out and enjoy all that our island has to offer.

Bermuda is often referred to as the Jewel of the Atlantic, and although it is a very small island at just 21 square miles, it is incredibly beautiful and rich in history, architecture and culture. The weather in Bermuda is just perfect, making it great to enjoy the scenery, beaches, activities, and mixing with the friendly locals who live on the island. There is a fantastic choice of real estate in Bermuda, which is often purchased by visitors for vacation homes, or even new permanent homes. Bermuda is like a paradise island, and when you wake up to the stunning sunrise for the first time here, you will realise what it is like to live island life for real.

Here are just a few types of Bermuda Real Estate:

• Ocean-front villas
• City condos
• Family homes
• New constructions
• Land Lots

Bermuda, a rich cultural history...

It is said that the first human discovery of Bermuda was by the Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez in 1503, although there is very little known about this explorer. The real history of Bermuda dates back to 1609 when Admiral Sir George Somers, set sail with a fleet of nine ships from Plymouth on the flagship sea venture towards the new British colony, Jamestown of Virginia. When the ship was caught in a storm they found themselves wrecked off the coast of Bermuda. Finding it a very nice place to stay, the admiral built replacement ships and sailed off leaving several men to lay British claim to the island. Somers returned to the island later that year, but died shortly after, causing the British to rename the island “Somers Island” in his honour. Upon learning of the islands suitability for colonization the Virginia company claimed the islands for themselves. Unfortunately, the islands were not quite as abundant as they had first thought, and they had to rely on food imports from American colonies, which they paid for in salt.

The 70's in Bermuda were filled with riots and race antagonism which resulted in the removal of all de facto discrimination and began talks of independence from Britain. In the following decades, the independence movement became an important political issue, however in 1995 a referendum failed by a two-thirds majority.

In 1684 Bermuda became a British colony, and slavery was first introduced in 1616 for domestic duties or trades people, until its abolition in 1834. Although the island relied heavily on American colonies, the political links with Britain proved stronger during the American war of independence, when Bermuda remained loyal to the crown. In 1833, Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria paid an extended visit to Bermuda, this visit is said to have been responsible for putting Bermuda on the tourist map. By the end of the century the island was well on the way to becoming a popular winter destination.

Due to its location, Bermuda played an important role in allied military and intelligence operations during world war two, and there were many bases built for the American army on the island. The British signed a 99-year lease handing over large areas to the US military. In 1963 the progressive labor party was formed and together with the United Bermuda party, they worked to produce the 1968 constitution, which provided full internal self-government, while leaving security, defence, and diplomatic affairs to the crown.

The 70’s in Bermuda saw riots, and race antagonism which resulted in the removal of all de-facto discrimination and began talks of independence from Britain. During the following decades, the independence movement became a hot political topic, however a 1995 referendum failed by a two-thirds majority.

Culture, Lifestyle, Fun

We've got it all, join us won't you?

What activities are there to enjoy in Bermuda:

In Bermuda, you will find adventure at every turn! From world class scuba diving, and mysterious caves, to historic monuments and much more. The beautiful weather allows you to enjoy many outdoor activities on land as well as in the clear blue waters surrounding. If you are a new resident, there are plenty of clubs and associations ready to welcome new members and help them to settle into life on the island. Here are just a few of the activities available on the island:

  • Scuba diving and snorkelling
  • Sailing
  • Sport-fishing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Sightseeing

 Bermuda’s Cuisine

If you enjoy fine dining, Bermuda is the right island for you. This beautiful paradise island has some of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean, serving everything from delicious local fish, to guinea-chick lobster. Although the majority of the food on the island is imported, there are several farms dotted around providing some of the freshest fruit and vegetables you will ever taste. There are around 150 restaurants to choose from in Bermuda so you will be spoiled for choice when deciding where to have your evening meal. Casual dress is acceptable at most restaurants although at the more upscale establishments, you will be required to wear a jacket.

Bermuda is definitely as close to paradise as you will get, and as you discover the exquisite pink beaches, beautiful blue waters, old world hospitality and colourful culture, you will no doubt fall in love with this amazing part of the Caribbean. The interesting history, great activities, and perfect weather just adds to the charm and wonder of Bermuda. So why not visit and see for yourself.

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