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Picturesque Sun, Sea and Sand...

Imagine waking up to the beautiful sunrise, enjoying your breakfast on the terrace of your home in The Dominican Republic, and getting ready to go out and enjoy all that our island has to offer.

There is no place quite like the Dominican Republic, with its hundreds of miles of coastline, picturesque white sand beaches lined with palm trees, backed by rocky cliffs, sand dunes, or serene lagoons. The Dominican Republic is a very popular place for vacations, and for people looking for a new dream home in a tropical location. This island offers many different types of properties including villas, luxury homes, condos, vacant lots, and commercial properties. The diverse history of the island has brought together a very unusual blend of cultures, such as European, African, and native Taino Indians. These different cultures are still very apparent today in the food, music, art, sports and religion. Vacationers return to the Dominican Republic year after year because it has so much to offer. Whether you are interested in relaxing on beautiful beaches, seeing stunning mountain scenery, desert scrublands, or all-night merengue, you won’t be disappointed in the Dominican Republic. 

Dominican Republic, a rich cultural history.

Dominican Republic History and Culture.

Dominican Republic history is fascinating. It began more than 500 years ago when the peaceful Taino’s first inhabited the island, spending their days fishing, hunting and farming. Christopher Columbus arrived on the island on December 5, 1492, and named it Hispaniola, the meeting of these two cultures set the wheels in motion for Santo Domingo to later become the first city in the Americas.

  • Spain surrendered the colony to France in 1795
  • Haitian blacks (under Toussaint L'Ouverture) conquered it in 1801
  • In 1808 the people revolted and captured Santo Domingo the following year, setting up the first republic
  • In 1814 Spain regained the title to the colony
  • In 1821 Spanish rule was overthrown, but in 1822 the colony was recaptured by the Haitians
  • 1844 saw the Haitians thrown out, and the Dominican Republic was established headed by Pedro Santana.

With so many uprisings, and Haitian attacks, Santana went on to make the country a province of Spain from 1861 to 1865. President Buenaventura Baez was in charge of a country whose economy was in shambles and he attempted to have the country annexed to the US in 1870, however the US senate refused to cooperate. Unrest and disorder continued until the dictatorship of Ulises Heureaux in 1916 when pandemonium broke out again.

The US sent a contingent of marines to the country, who stayed there until 1924, it was at this time that Horacio Vasques was democratically elected as president of the country serving until 1930. Rafael Leonides overthrew Horacio and established a dictatorship that lasted until he was assassinated in 1961. In the first free democratic elections in four decades, Juan Bosh was elected president and then overthrown seven months later resulting in civil war. 1966 saw Joaquin Balaguer elected and he led the country through 12 years of political repression. In 1978 the country returned to the polls once again and elected Antonio Guzman of the Dominican Revolutionary Party. The Dominican Republic was well on its way to becoming a democracy at this time. Up until today, the Dominican Republic has remained a peaceful democratic country with an economy that thrives on tourism.

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Real Estate Advice

The Dominican Republic has a strong expat community, with many different nationalities moving here to live in their dream home in the sun. The real estate in the Dominican Republic is varied with properties to suit every individual taste and requirement. Whether you are looking for a grand estate on the beach, a family home close to amenities, condo, or you would love to build your own dream home, no problem. We have plenty of vacant land available in different areas. Visit Coldwell Banker on the island to discuss the endless possibilities and for sound advice on every aspect of purchasing properties on the island that greets you with a smile.

Purchasing a property in the Dominican Republic will change your life, everything on the island moves at a slower pace, and life is just more relaxed than you are used to. Thanks to the fantastic weather, you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle in a way you have never done before, and enjoy family time all the time. There are so many activities in the Dominican Republic that you will be spoiled for choice. Whether you enjoy water sports, exploring, or simply relaxing on your favorite beach, that will not be a problem.

Here are just a few of the activities available:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Dolphin Swim
  • Dune Buggy Adventure
  • Explore Santo Domingo

Nightlife in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers a fabulous nightlife with plenty to do for everyone, such as beach parties, bars with live music, and cozy spots perfect for a relaxing meal and drinks. A trip to the Dominican Republic would not be complete without trying the local cuisine, which has been influenced by many cultures over the years. The Spanish, African, and Taino’s have put their own twist on the dishes served in one way or another, creating a taste like no other with fresh herbs, garlic and tangy sauces. The most common meal here, which is eaten by just about everyone is rice and beans, cooked in a tasty tomato sauce with fresh herbs and chicken, pork or beef. Another popular dish is Sanococho, which originates from the Spanish housewives and is a dish made from 5 meats, a selection of tubers, vegetables, and spices.

There is so much to see and do in the Dominican Republic, the smiling friendly locals are always ready to welcome tourists, and new residents alike, and the list of activities available are almost never ending. For anyone wanting to live the dream in a tropical environment, the Dominican Republic is the ideal place. Visit Coldwell Banker Dominican Republic office to discuss the options available to you.

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