We’re all dreaming of those perfect beach days, with the colors of waves and umbrellas and rum punches, of beach shacks and music and loud smiles.  

The latest Caribbean Moment takes you right to one of those days — to another time in the gorgeous Mullet Bay in St Maarten. 

Set just around the corner from St Maarten’s popular Maho neighborhood, Mullet is a lovely stretch of soft sand and one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. 

It’s a lovely little crescent with the kind of sparkling turquoise and white sand that St Maarten is famous for. 

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Why not start your week with a walk on the beach?

The latest Caribbean Moment is a virtual journey to the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba and its delightful Hadicurari Beach, commonly known as “Fisherman’s Huts.”

Fisherman’s Huts, set just up the road from the world-famous Palm Beach, is the rare beach with two personalities: the active and the calm.

A simple walk on the beach is a lovely dichotomy; there’s the soft push of powder on your toes, as kitesurfers fly around the surface of the water at speed.

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The adults-only all-inclusive brand Couples Resorts has launched a new playlist focused on the romantic sounds of Jamaica. 

It’s called “Tunes for Two from Couples Resorts,” and it’s the latest musical launch by a Caribbean resort in a bid to connect with travelers stuck at home right now. 

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You can travel all across the world and never find water like what you find in The Bahamas. 

There’s the Windex-hued stuff in the Exumas; the deep electric blues of Abaco; the classic turquoise of the beaches of Nassau. 

It’s something we’ve been think about a lot lately, and The Bahamas has launched a new mini digital vacation for all of us who are dreaming about the region these days. 

It’s called “From The Bahamas With Love,” and it has two co-stars: the immense natural beauty of the Bahamas, and music legend Lenny Kravitz, whose mother was of Bahamian descent and for whom The Bahamas has always been a significant part of his life (he has a home base in Eleuthera, too).  

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