There is increasing interest in the second citizenship program offered by the government of Dominica, according to one citizenship consultancy firm. The rise in demand for Dominica citizenship took off after the revisions to the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Act. The revisions proved beneficial for the CBI unit of the country as the global demand for the program has risen dramatically.

The rise in Dominica’s citizenship popularity is based on many other factors as well, including minimal tax regulations in Dominica compared to most countries in the EU and America.

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There’s something about the rum punch in the sand, the beer on the beach, the gregarious proprietor, that seems to etch itself in the mind of every traveler to the Caribbean.

Plainly, the Caribbean beach bar epitomizes the Caribbean vacation fantasy. When you’re in a cold place, when you’re stuck at your desk, the beach bar is what you dream about.

So for our latest look into the world of Caribbean beach bars, we’ve brought you a mix of unknown, world-famous and recently-reopened beach bars, all themselves worth the trip to the Caribbean right now.

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There’s a certain sparkle you notice the moment you land, from the floor to the automated immigration kiosk. There’s a newness. There’s a sheen. This isn’t quite like any Caribbean airport you’ve been to — and it will play a big role in the growth of one of the region’s most exciting destinations.

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