American Airlines has announced a series of changes to its schedule in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, including some adjustments in the wider Caribbean.

For a nearly two-month period from March 16 through May 6, the carrier is planning a major reduction in long-haul flights to the tune of a 75 percent decrease in capacity compared to the previous year. 

That comes “in response to decreased demand and changes to U.S. government travel restrictions due to coronavirus.”

While the long-haul reduction affects areas like Asia and Australia, American Airlines has announced far fewer modifications to its Latin America and Caribbean flight schedule during that period. 

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It’s just you and the sand. No crowds, no hassle, no long journeys to get from your room to the water. 

That’s what the best beach resorts are about — places where nothing stands between you and the object of your affection — pure Caribbean sun, sand and sea. 

And at small Caribbean beach resorts, that’s exactly what you find — intimate hospitality, unmatched beauty and some of the most authentic experiences you’ll encounter in the wider region. 

Our favorite small beach resorts (note: we capped them at a maximum of 50 rooms) to check out in 2020 are a mix of old favorites, new additions and some properties that have long stayed under the radar. 

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The spectacular beaches of the Caribbean remain the region’s ultimate siren song for travelers. They’re the reason we sit at our desks, dreaming of the islands, placing ourselves there, even just for a moment. 

They’re the essence of what makes the Caribbean the world’s most romantic destination. 

And while the Caribbean’s exotic white sands are unmatched around the world, if you dig deep enough you can find something rather special: pink sand.

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We always say a great restaurant comes down to three things: “food, service and ambience.” When it comes to the best restaurants in Aruba, you can find all three very easily. Aruba’s diverse populace and history have lent themselves to a rich, textured culinary environment. It sees a veritable potpurri of creole, European and Caribbean flavors. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Aruba is home to a growing stable of top-flight chefs, from Erwin Husken to Dennis van Daatselaar. The best way to experience an island like Aruba is simple: to taste it; and you can. These are the 10 best restaurants in Aruba.

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