$ 1,250,000
Caribbee House


This is one of those rare opportunities to acquire a gem. The first people to claim land get the best sites. This is one of those best sites having been owned for many years by one family. It was operated as a highly regarded hotel but after hurricane Ivan in 2004 it wasn?t reopened. The hurricane was a one-off. Carriacou is generally regarded as being outside Hurricane Alley. It left some work needing to be done and presents an opportunity for someone to make their own personal mark on the backdrop of views across the Caribbean to nearby islands, swaying coconut palms, an effectively private beach and gently undulating land. Many uses are possible from hotel to condominiums, as several houses or one large one.

Property Details

Property type Commercial
Address Carriacou View map
$ 1,250,000
MLS# / Listing ID Reference Number
Coldwell Banker > Call: +1 (473) 415 3666

From its origins in America, Coldwell.. read more.

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