Victoria Williams Coldwell Banker Grenada
Country: Grenada
Phone: +1 (473) 415 3666

About Victoria

Although born in Trinidad, Victoria is as Grenadian as oildown, and you should taste hers! She has been in and around the property world here for longer than she cares to admit, both in her own real estate company and with RE/Max. All of which has given her an encyclopaedic knowledge of the market and impeccable expertise. She's seen it bought, sold, and bought again. Ask her about the airport! Not so much sold but acquired from her family by government. She knows who owns what and what might just be for sale if the right questions were asked - and she knows the questions and who to ask. To all of that she brings impeccable professionalism, a can-do attitude, an unfailing smile and the warmest of welcomes. Come on! Everybody here knows Victoria.

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