Karen Brine Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty
Country: Bermuda
Phone: 441-334-7883

About Karen

One might ask how I was introduced to Real Estate and why? The how is easy to remember. The CEO of the Company I worked for had advised the staff that the company would be relocating back to the US and this would take several months. He encouraged us to find a field of work and use the time wisely while getting paid. Why I chose real estate was more based on the idea that I like to delve into designer magazines and thought the two of these could work well together. Over the years I can honestly say that my passion for design has played a part in many condominium projects from the architecture to the designing and decorating of show homes. Prior to my first day at Jones Waddington, I was employed for 4 years at Collier Real Estate. September 1989, I walked through the doors at Jones Waddington and a new chapter was upon me as the Manager for the Rental Department. This was a small company and very family oriented as most of us where younger, had young families and we shared great times. In later years, we saw the merger with Bermuda Realty and our small family grew significantly to over 40 staff members. Greater challenges came with this merger plus excitement and of course the unknown. 25 years later the challenges, excitement and adventures still play a part in my profession with my current position as Sales Agent and Vacation Consultant. Some of my greatest moments are working with purchasers who share in the search for their ?dream home? while seeking guidance and experience. One scrapbook at a time for a lifetime still be created and the thrill of happy faces come together with every transaction.

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