Spring storms with winter qualities clobbered North America this week, threatening Canada with slow-moving storms, and pounding the United States with near-record snowfall in the midwest, low temperatures in the south and tornadoes further east. You could say change was in the air.

And although the unseasonable weather didn’t reach as far south as Florida, the climate of change still dominated the atmosphere at the fifteenth regional meeting of the Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG), held in downtown Miami from April 18 to 20.

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No list of the top nightlife destinations in the Caribbean would ever include Providenciales. Yeah, Provo is the primary corner of the Turks and Caicos for all manner of travel fun. The vast majority of that fun, though, is reserved for Provo’s otherworldly beaches and sublime seas. Nighttime? That’s for fine dining, star gazing, and canoodling.

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The Grenada Chocolate Fest celebrates the island’s delicious organic and ethically produced cocoa and chocolate. The festival is a perfect experience for all those who have a passion for chocolate.

What allows fine flavor cocoa to articulate it’s flavor potential with such finesse in craft chocolate? How can you use chocolate and cocoa for healing purposes? Find out the most exquisite pairing of chocolate with Caribbean rum, exotic spices and tropical fruits. It is time to meet your chocolate tribe on the charming blissful island of Grenada.

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One of the most innovative urban projects in the Caribbean is soon coming to fruition.

It’s called the Teleferico de Santo Domingo, and it’s the region’s first-ever urban cable car system.

The project, which has become famous in other cities in Latin America like La Paz, Bolivia, will be a game-changing addition for a city in need of more public transport.

But, as in cities like La Paz, the cable car system could also become a serious tourist attraction — a way to see the city from a very different angle

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